On Thursday April 14, 2022, Spanish Fort Water System (SFWS) was honored to host, U.S. Secretary of Labor, Martin Walsh; Alabama Department of Labor, Deputy Secretary/Government Affairs, Don Harrison; OSHA Assistant Regional Administrator, Cooperative & State Programs, Americo Pagan; OSHA Mobile Area Director, Jose Gonzalez; and Executive Director of Environmental & Industrial Programs OSHA Safe State Al., Donald Elswick. Guests toured SFWS’s water treatment facility and discussed Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) efforts in promoting heat prevention in the workplace.

SFWS management and employees discussed ways the system is trying to mitigate heat related illnesses and injuries as well as demonstrating new ways to combat heat by using excavation methods such as Hydro Excavating instead of having to manually dig. Employees also demonstrated through their on-going partnership with OSHA’s consulting agency, UA Safe State, how “wearable monitors” can identify hazards and conditions that may exist. These devices help management monitor and make decisions on how to protect employees by recording core body temperatures, heart rates, noise levels, and other pertinent data. SFWS is also working closely with UA Safe State director Don Elswick to continue improving SFWS’s safety program through education and training, and by sponsoring those programs and making them available to other small businesses and organizations in the area.

“UA Safe State was honored to help with this national emphasis program and highlight our industry support and our applied research in heat stress,” said Don Elswick, Executive Director of UA  Safe State.

Picture, Left to Right: Jason Evans, Superintendent Spanish Fort Water System; Terry Evans, General Manager Spanish Fort Water System; Martin Walsh, U.S. Secretary of Labor; Don Harrison, Alabama Department of Labor Deputy Secretary/Government Affairs; Americo Pagan, OSHA Assistant Regional Administrator Cooperative & State Programs